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Manufacturer WayToPlay

Waytoplay is a Dutch brand created by Sybren Jelles with the help of his wife and children. Together, they came up with a flexible rubber road that can be built on any surface, a game that is durable and 100% safe for our children. The road segments are made in Germany and the road markings are added in The Netherlands. Based on an ethical approach, Waytoplay has teamed up with a sheltered employment provider that provides work for people with little access to the regular labour market. Read more

Their sets include different pieces: curves, straights, intersection, roundabout… all with road markings on both sides for even more possibilities! Waterproof, your child can play at home as well as outside: in the garden, at the park and even at the beach! The parts are easily cleaned with a cloth. There are no rules of the game, it is up to the child to invent his own ring road. This activity allows your child to develop her/her creativity and ability to solve problems. It can be combined with other toys and expanded by purchasing additional sets. An ideal gift to give free rein to your child's imagination from 2 to 11 years old.

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