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General terms and conditions of sale

Article 1- Applications of conditions

The seller is described here below as SAS jeujouet.com. The buyer is described below as being the signatory company or person accepting the present terms and conditions of sale.

Terms and conditions of sale exclusively apply to all the sales closed by SAS jeujouet.com. The information provided in the catalog, price lists, websites, notes, etc.…are only given for information purposes and can be modified by the seller without notice.

The only fact of ordering or accepting an offer made by the seller is considered as a full agreement of the present general terms and conditions. The present general terms and conditions can be modified at any moment and without any notice by la SAS jeujouet.com, the modifications being applicable to all future orders.

Article 2- Orders

Orders made on the jeujouet.com website or any other website from SAS jeujouet.com, are effective starting from the date of reception of the cheque and the debit date on the buyer bank account for credit cards.

Any offer of sale is subject to stock availabilities. Any clause coming from the buyer and not accepted in written by the seller, that will contradict the present general terms and conditions or particularities defined in the price offer will be considered as void.

No unilateral order cancellation will be accepted without the SAS jeujouet.com agreement. Images and illustrations present on the website www.jeujouet.com are not contractual. The buyer however, will make every effort to make sure they reflect as exactly as possible the products commercialised.

Article 3- Price

The buyer’s prices list does not constitute a sale. It can be unilaterally modified without any notice. All prices are in net, including taxes and in pounds. Packaging, shipping, insurance, freight fees from the buyer’s warehouse are not included.

Article 4- Shipping-Transportation

Whatever the shipping method, risks during transportation (loss, damage, theft) are at the seller’s charge, provided that the buyer checked the goods on arrival and has reported the issue to the carrier within 48hours, even in case of free shipping.

In every case, shipping is made by direct delivery to the buyer, or by putting the goods at the buyer’s disposal or by giving the goods to a carrier.

In case of lost goods while in transit, the investigation timeframe can vary from one to three weeks depending on carriers. The seller is authorised to send partial deliveries. All partial deliveries agreed by the buyer will be charged on arrival.

By expressly convention, in case of force majeure or events such as lock-out, strikes, partial or total work interruption in the seller or providers’ factory, epidemics, war, requisition, fire, flooding, interruptions or delay in transportations, legal or administrative measures stopping, limiting, delaying or forbidding the production or importation of goods, the seller is not responsible of the consequences on deliveries. The seller will keep the buyer informed in a timely manner of cases or events as mentioned above.

In every case, the delivery on time can only be done if the buyer is up to date with his/her obligations towards the seller, whatever the reason.

Article 5- Claims and aftersales service

At the goods arrival, the buyer should immediately check the condition and conformity of the products in accordance with the contract. In case where the parcel would be much damaged, the buyer should refuse it.

The stickers on all the pieces are indispensable for the warranty. Packaging must be kept in perfect condition. If not, the buyer can benefit from his claim rights and should pay the amount of £15 to cover the reconditioning fees of the packaging pieces that might have been lost or damaged.

It is also the case when the buyer do not report any issue at the time of delivery. All claims in regards to a faulty good delivered, to a wrong quantity, wrong reference in regards to the agreed offer or the seller’s order confirmation, must be provided in written by registered letter within 48h from the time of delivery, without forgetting the claim against the carrier, or the right for claim will be void.

The buyer should allow the seller to carry any investigations on site in regards to the claims. Every return requires the seller’s prior agreement and return number by contacting SAS jeujouet.com at (insert UK number): the buyer will receive a return agreement by email. The buyer should then provide his/her exact contact details as well as the designation of the element(s) concerned, the fault noticed and the invoice number corresponding to the item(s) described.

After receiving the return agreement, the buyer has a period of 7 days to return the faulty goods to the seller. For faulty pieces, the buyer can obtain a standard exchange of the goods during the first month after the purchase- in case of non-specific products and subject to stock availability.

The buyer will then return the faulty part to the seller, at the seller’s charge in a period of one month after the date of purchase. This return is refunded. The standard price is based on a pre-paid parcel return Coliposte by La poste, by a voucher, valid 6 months from the creation date. Then the return fees are at the buyer’s charge.

This is only valid as part of the warranty: any other part return (parts incompatible with other materials, 7 days period of withdrawal for example) does not give the right to a voucher. To return it, the buyer must quote “SAV”, the return number provided by the seller and directly on the parcel, a copy of the invoice.

If the conditions are not followed, the returned parcel will be refused. Without agreement, any return good will be put at the buyer’s disposal and risks, shipping fees, storage, handling will be at his/her own charge.

Article 6- Consumers’ withdrawal right

In the conditions described in the article L121-16 of the Consumer code and the online sale frame, the buyer has a 7 days withdrawal period from the delivery date of his/her order. The order will be refunded after the restitution of the delivered goods. According to the article L121-20-2, the withdrawal rights cannot be applied, except if agreed by both parties, for audio recording supplies or software unsealed by the consumer.

The buyer should return the goods in their original condition and original packaging. When returning a good, thanks to ask for a return number by contacting SAS jeujouet.com at 01664 738 501. The return of goods at the buyer’s charge and risks.

Article 7- Warranty

Products are guaranteed by the manufacturer (or importer), and by default by SAS jeujouet.com, against all material or manufacturing fault for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery, except for particular conditions expressly notified.

Interventions under warranty do not extend this one. The seller’s warranty is limited to three options: if considered faulty and not misused, goods will be repaired, replaced or refunded the same value. The choice of option will be at the seller’s discretion.

The seller is committed to arrange the replacement of faulty parts and to repair damaged goods sent by to the buyer from the seller. The warranty does not cover labour fees, assembly/disassembly operations costs or shipping fees, except in case of standard exchange.

Subject to legal dispositions, the seller’s responsibility is strictly limited to the obligations described in those conditions or if necessary, to the express conditions. In case where the seller returns products that were not provided by the seller, this one cannot be held responsible for the material or immaterial damages that could occur during the repair.

The seller cannot be held responsible under warranty for direct or indirect failures or damages in the following cases:

All negligence, wrong connection or manipulation, maintenance and equipment use not conformed to the seller’s or manufacturers’ technical specifications, or generally, a faulty or clumsy use.

Any complementary or accessory addition to the equipment or the use of any part for the exploitation of equipment not conformed to the seller’s or manufacturers’ technical specifications.

Any modification or mechanical, electronical, electrical transformation or other done on the equipment or its connector devices by a third party. In case of bankruptcy or impossibility for the manufacturer or importer to supply, the buyer cannot seek redress against the seller.

Article 8-Property reservation

In application to the French law from May 12th, 1980, the property transfer of the goods delivered to the buyer will occur only after the total payment of the price in principal or accessory or the receipt of accepted bills or other payments methods in order to settle the price.

During the period from the delivery to the transfer of propriety, risks of loss, theft or destruction are at the buyer’s charge. Failure from the buyer to pay, for whatever reason, bestows the right on the seller to claim the immediate restitution of the goods at the risks and seller’s charge.

In case of receivership affecting his/her company, the buyer commits to actively participate in the inventory of goods located in his/her stocks and for whose the seller claims property. Failing that, the buyer has the possibility to ascertain the inventory by a court bailiff at the buyer’s charge.

The seller can forbid the buyer to resell, modify or incorporate the goods in case of payment delay. In order to guarantee the pending payments and especially the settlement of the buyer’s outstanding account in the seller’s bookkeeping, it is clearly stated that the rights related to delivered but not paid goods will be reported on identical goods coming from the seller’s stock to the buyer, without the need to allocate the payments on a specific sale or delivery.

Article 9- Cancellation clause

Failure for the buyer to respect one his/her obligations will cancel the sale by full rights and the goods will be returned to the seller may he/she wishes to, without prejudice of any interests and damages that the seller could claim against the buyer, within 48 hours after the formal notice is null. In this case, the seller is authorised to claim from the buyer, a flat compensation sum of 15% on the sale amount.

Article 10- Payment

Any disagreement related to the formation, execution, termination of contractual obligations between parties that cannot be amicably settled, will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Angers where the seller’s headquarter is located, no matter the terms and conditions of sale and the payment method accepted, even in case of warranty appeal or multiple defendants, the seller reserving the right to bring before the court with regional jurisdiction and from which the seller’s headquarter depends from. The present contract is rules under French law. The application of the Vienna convention on the international attribution of goods is expressly excluded.

SAS jeujouet.com

Moulin Roty la boutique
4 rue de l'Aiguillerie
49100 ANGERS
01664 738 501
RCS Angers 51031438800016
Capital 60.000€
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Article 11 - Customers reviews with Verified Reviews

Specialised in gathering customers reviews, Verified Reviews is a provider of an IT solution to collect reviews on the quality of the Ecommerce Service provided by retailers.

Verified-Reviews is managed by an independent company collecting customer reviews. Its purpose is to help online consumers to find trustworthy online stores

After every purchase on jeujouet.co.uk, the customer is invited by email to rate and write a review.

Once the review is written, may it be positive or negative, it will take a 7-day mediation. This period opens a fair and productive way of discussing between jeujouet.co.uk and the customer before the review is published on the website, if a problem needs to be solved. This period is also useful to verify that it does not contain any content forbidding its publication.

After this period, reviews are published in a chronological order.

Verified Reviews currently works with more than 5000 clients.

Article 12 - Personalised Gifts

We offer an online simulation that allow you to preview the embroidery or sticker: simply enter the child's first name and select a font and a colour. This preview remains a simulation and the final result may vary depending on the size of the name, the material of the item and some manufacturing constraints.


There are some restrictions for embroideries and stickers:


- The first letter is always in upper case and the following letters in lower case.

- It is not possible to put accents on capital letters, nor to use special characters (❤,★...).

- It is not possible to use non-Latin alphabets.

Privacy policy

Jeujouet.com protects your privacy and complies with the legislation about the files and nominative information and all the directives from the French national commission for information technology and civil liberties (CNIL). The receipt of declaration towards the CNIL is 1499310v0.

Jeujouet will never rent, borrow or sale nominative information regarding you to third party companies. Our customers are precious to us and the trust that we create with you must be protected.

Jeujouet.com gives you access to the information stored regarding your identity, your address and your orders through a privileged access and protected by a password.

The information collected are processed electronically and are intended for “jeujouet.com”. In application of the French law n°78-17 from January 6th 1978 regarding information technology and civil liberties, you dispose of a right of opposition, access and rectification of your data.

If you wish to exercise those rights, you write to the following address:

SAS jeujouet.com
Moulin Roty la boutique
4 rue de l'Aiguillerie 49100 ANGERS
01664 738 501

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