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Referral program



Sponsor a friend

The jeujouet referring programme rewards your loyalty and those of your friend(s). Benefit from our advantages when purchasing: order toys, birth gifts or furniture and decoration and receive jeujouet points.

The jeujouet referring programme is extremely simple and especially advantageous! You just need to sign in! Be careful, the referring programme does not work when you sign in as a “guest” on our website. You must create an account to benefit from our advantages.

Each referral will be only valid if your referee never ordered on the www.jeujouet.com website and if he/she does not live at the address as the referent.

Each referee will receive an email invitation from you to order on our website. Once the order is processed, you will receive an email confirmation.

For your, referee, 100 reward points will be credited on your customer reward account on your first order.

For you, referent, 100 reward points will be credited on your customer reward account per referee’s order.

Or a conversion in £ : 100 points = £5 on your loyalty account !

You can use this discount in your cart per group of 20 points (£1).

Mode of action:
1°) You must create an account and register following the steps below:
2°) Send your invitations as indicated below: separate the email addresses with a comma:
It is possible to view the number of your referrals by checking your personal account in “my account” in the referral section.

REMINDER: Your referral programme counter is valid for a duration of 6 months after the first purchase. Before your points counter is reset to 0, you will receive an email 15 days before the deadline. This email will inform you on how many points you have left so that you do not lose them and how to benefit from your “£” discount.