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Le voyage d'Olga collection from Moulin Roty

Discover the new Moulin Roty collection: Le Voyage d’Olga (Olga's journey). It was designed by Cécile Blinderman and illustrated by Elodie Coudray who was inspired by tales in which poetry and charm meet. This new collection reminds travel and encounters. Travel shapes youth, as the saying goes! Let your child discover the world by bringing Olga into her/his imaginary world. But who is Olga? It's a wild goose. She is going to take off with her 3 little cubs: Bamboo featuring with yellow wings, Plumette, baby blue wings and Fléchette, taupe wings. All four of them fly high in the sky to discover new lands. They traveled miles and kilometres and decided to stop for a rest. This is when they met Chaussette the fox and Petite Chaussette, the fox cub then they continue their way and get to know Joséphine the blue whale and two little mice Pablo and Lisette. Every time they meet, Olga offers them some feathers to bring happiness to her new friends. This new collection is composed of soft dolls made of soft materials such as velvet and faux fur and are decorated with pretty embroidery.